Forthcoming Book, Fall 2024

Swan Out of Water

Swan Out of Water takes place ten years after Children in the City of Czars and picks up the life of Irina Lebedev, now Anya Irina Spencer, 13-year-old adopted daughter to Susan Spencer. Despite having been adopted at a young age, "Annie" continues to suffer the ill effects of Childhood PTSD and has had a difficult time adjusting to her life in America. 
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Children in the City of Czars: A Novel
SKU: 9781881276296

Launched December 2023
Orphaned in the Post-Soviet Union era, the Lebedev siblings are alone in the underbelly of the most beautiful city in the world, St. Petersburg. Fedya is nearly thirteen and tries his best to keep his family together but fails. He surrenders his two sisters to the orphanage system and joins a ring of thieves. It’s not long before the gang has a run-in with the Russian mafia and Fedya becomes the focal point of a madman’s revenge, and a desperate race ensues for his life across Russia into Latvija. His sister, Elena, is brutally bullied at the orphanage and almost loses her life, while their youngest sister, Irina, is illegally adopted out of the country after a severe bout with whooping cough. Despite their circumstances, the siblings hold on to a quixotic hope to reunite. Whom can they trust? Possibly, no one. SEE REVIEWS 

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Sister Jane's Lenten Journal

Sister Jane's Lenten Journal is a companion novella to Sister Jane. The journal entries cover the last 46 days of the original book and end on the same day.
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Sister Jane
SKU: 978-1881276272

All her life, Jane believes she is small-town ordinary. . . until she isn’t. Some people brand her a witch because of the cat while others believe she has a demon. Her family thinks she’s ready for the nursing home, and the down-and-out reporter assumes she’s a fake. But nobody, including Jane, can figure out how she does it: heal the sick. All the sick. All the time. Is it a gift of God? The Church is divided. Then, everything erupts when the foreigners arrive along with the government people and the scientists. Will Jane become a pawn or save herself?

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