Irmgarde Brown

Sister Jane was awarded Best Books of 2021 INDIE by Kirkus Reviews
Harford County Living named Irmgarde Brown, Artist of the Week Jan 24, 2023
Sister Jane's Lenten Journal

Sister Jane's Lenten Journal

Sister Jane's Lenten Journal
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Sister Jane's Lenten Journal is a companion novella to Sister Jane. The journal entries cover the last 46 days of the original book and end on the same day. Hiding under the name Lydia, Jane has spent most of the previous two years in a monastery. But she is chafing at her restrictions particularly in the face of Covid-19 surging outside the monastery walls. She must act. Challenges abound: her identity, the threat of discovery, and the Sister Jane Society that has usurped her credibility. As she re-examines her gift, her faith, and her future, she must decide if she is willing to trust her new companions and put herself, and them, in harm's way,

paper | 104 pages | $6.00 USD | 6x9 | March 1, 2022