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The Word: for me, it is a key ingredient for the foundation of faith.

And so, this is probably a good time to recount why the Word has been such a key in my life. Some ask me if I believe in the “inerrant” Word and I would have to say I do… but does that mean that I claim to understand it all or is there possibility that some of what is written is based on “story.” Does that make it less true? I don’t think so.

Anyway, it is through the Word that I came to the Lord. Back in 1979, a fellow student in acting school, “tricked me” into reading the New Testament as an acting exercise. Much as we were reading play scripts at that time, he challenged me to put these words, “if this were true…” before the first word and only decide at the end of the reading what is or isn’t true. I completed that task in less than 2 weeks over that Christmas break and ultimately, despite some things that were difficult to accept or understand, I could not refute the core of the Word. I believed it was true. That was my leap of faith.

And so, my Christian walk has been based on the revelations that God gave me, a virtually unchurched young adult, the foundation of faith through His Word.

In II Peter 1:10-11, we are told that if we “do” these things (that is build on our faith), we will never fall. This is the point. This is the journey of every believer. These elements that are examining in these 50 days with Jesus are roadmarkers along the path of every Christian. Where are you on that road?

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