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Doing or giving favors sounds like a good thing and yet, as soon as it’s done in the political arena, it’s dark and convoluted. Instead of extending good will alone, it also carries an expectation of paybacks. Am I doing any better than this?

Acts 25:9
Festus, wishing to do the Jews a favor, said to Paul, “Are you willing to go up to Jerusalem and stand trial before me there on these charges?”

The best favor is the one not expected or requested. A true favor comes from the heart. It’s a “token of good will” and requires nothing in return. But if we ask for a favor, aren’t we really saying … “do this thing for me because you are able to do it and when something comes along that I can do for you, I will.”

A true favor is an act of grace and is imparted to someone whether they deserve it not. There should be no expectation of a “return.”

When both of the governors, Festus and Felix, wanted to do a favor for the Jewish leaders by trying and/or condemning Paul, their expectation was that the favor would bring cooperation later on. It was a gesture that would show the Jewish leaders that they wanted a peaceful relationship… no more uprisings.

This is an abuse of the its true nature. But this norm has come down to us in our own time.

Instead of asking for favors, I’m going to look for opportunities to give favors. In order to anticipate a need, it’s important to know a person. A useless item or action is no favor at all. It’s a gratuity.

Keep me mindful today that I might favor those around me in a meaningful way. Amen.

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